Mezzanine & Equity Solutions

Alongside our core sectors, we structure and provide minority equity and mezzanine / subordinated debt. Our focus is on providing development capital for organic growth, strategic acquisitions and finance buy-outs and buy-ins of small to medium sized companies within our home markets. Our goal is to support strong and dedicated management teams with an attractive service or product in a solid (niche) market, who have the ambition to bring their business to the next level. We are a strategic investor not driven by exit pressure and short term results, but build long term relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Our Think Yes mentality recognizes that each investment is unique and requires tailor made solutions. We align our interest with management and other (existing) shareholders. We play an active role in supporting a company’s development, typically through board representation, either as an observer or director and commit to building genuine partnerships.

Furthermore if the company wishes we can provide access to NIBC’s network of Co-Investors and financial Institutions who can either co-invest alongside us and/or provide dedicated sector knowledge and advise such that growth ambitions can be realized. 

Furthermore NIBC also has significant experience in arranging, structuring, managing and distributing a dedicated fund and joint ventures which focus on a specific sector, geography or financial instrument:

Private Equity (Co-Investments)

Private equity investments have been a significant part of NIBC’s DNA since establishment in 1945. We invest in growth and solid companies run by motivated and experienced managers with the ambition to bring their business to the next level. Although each investment is unique, our key investment criteria are:

  • Strong potential (niche) market position
  • Sustainable future cash flow
  • Profitable 
  • Ample growth opportunity

Mezzanine / Subordinated Debt Solutions

We lead, structure and arrange mezzanine / subordinated debt solutions to back strong and ambitious management teams in growing, small to medium sized companies, headquartered in the Benelux or Germany. With this subordinated debt we enable companies to pursue their growth targets and provide certainty and stability in a capital structure. Our key investment criteria are:

  • Strong (niche) market position
  • Proven track-record 
  • Sustainable cash flow and profitability

Managed Accounts

We can structure and manage Managed Accounts based on specific client requirements including asset class selection and geographic region interest.