Our purpose and corporate values

Our Purpose

We've captured our brand story in our purpose which gives direction to the implementation of our strategy and is the basis of our company culture and identity. It clarifies what NIBC stands for and unites us as a group. It guides all of us in our daily work and gives a better understanding of the relevance of the purpose in terms of our behavior towards our clients, colleagues, shareholders and all other stakeholders.


Enabling Ambitions

By financing assets


Corporate Values NIBC

Our corporate values are behind everything we do, the way we do it, and how we measure our success.

Professional: We have in-depth product knowledge and provide expert financial solutions for our clients as the foundation of our success.​

Adaptive: For more than 75 years, change has been in our DNA; committed to respond​ effectively to clients’ needs and new developments in society.​

Collaborative: We believe in a personal approach, working together to make a difference and realise sustainable impact for our clients and the world around us.​

Entrepreneurial: We are a sound, enterprising financier focused on delivering smart asset financing solutions for our clients. We are thoughtful, take responsibility and get things done.​