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Ownership information

On 23 March 2018, NIBC was listed on Euronext Amsterdam. The consortium of selling shareholders led and advised by J.C. Flowers & Co (“JCF”) sold approximately 27% of their shareholdings through the IPO – we kindly refer to notification in the AFM register of March 2018.

On 6 March 2019, a second placement of ordinary shares corresponding to approximately 8% of NIBC’s outstanding share capital was sold to institutional investors, reducing JCF’s shareholding to approximately 65% (we refer to the published press release in our newsroom for more details).

As part of this second placement Reggeborgh Invest B.V. announced on 26 August 2019 to have acquired from JCF an additional 5% of NIBC’s outstanding share capital, reducing JCF’s shareholding to approximately 60%.

According to the AFM register, Reggeborgh Invest B.V. holds 14.59% of NIBC’s outstanding share capital (dated August 2019).

For information on all substantial holdings, gross short positions and shares with special controlling rights, we refer to the AFM website.

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* Please note that certain figures may not tally due to rounding and certain percentages have been calculated using rounded figures. All numbers are based on publicly available information.

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