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While government restrictions regarding Covid-19 are slowly eased, the 1.5 meter distance will be the new normal for now. How to maintain a healthy distance and let customers and employees feel safe without using scotch tape on the floor? A group of inventive entrepreneurs and investors joined efforts to develop a technology to make the best possible experience in this new society enabling the 1.5 meter distance. The Aura Aware is a smart distance awareness device which acts as a convenient reminder to employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing. It is used by stores such as Ikea as well as in the hospitality and catering industry. The patented technology scans the room to detect if anyone is within the 1.5 meter distance. A red alert warns employees and customers when they have gotten too close. This enables store employees and receptionists to focus on client service without having to ask clients to please keep their distance. The Aura Aware was developed and manufactured in close cooperation with Applied Micro Electronics, a longstanding relationship of the Technology Sector Team. Our Technology and Corporate Finance team advised our client Gimv in their investment in Applied Micro Electronics, based in the Brainport Eindhoven region, earlier this year. We are proud that NIBC was able to introduce Gimv to such an innovative company that is able to ensures a healthy society in these unprecedented times. 

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