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Business and strategy

Our client teams deliver a wide range of customised products and integrated solutions to clients in all our sectors.

We have made clear choices not to offer routine daily banking services such as current accounts or payments so that we are wholly focused on our clients’ needs and on our home markets. Without the costs and liabilities of a brick-and-mortar branch network, we are able to serve our clients in a sharper and more dynamic way. We can also be a reliable partner to universal banks, as partner in a syndicated deal or advisor to one of the parties in a deal.


Through our strategy we aim to create a sustainable franchise for the future by focusing on our greatest strengths. Our strategy is based on three pillars:


We focus on decisive moments in our clients’ lives, such as company takeovers, expansion, or buying a house. We are not distracted by day-to-day flow business. This means we work hard to anticipate trends and the impact they could have on our clients.

Entrepreneurial culture

We nurture a culture that is inventive, entrepreneurial and professional, in which employees can create mostly tailor-made products and services for our clients. We also cultivate a ‘can-do’ attitude, by actively stimulating our people’s energy and creativity.


We are innovative and future-focused, so we anticipate and adapt to our fast-changing world and seize on opportunities to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Our open culture, modest size and short reporting lines keep us close to our clients and to each other.

Advisory Board

To better serve our clients, we work with several Senior Board Advisors. They add value for NIBC's clients by bringing strategic insight and advising them on new opportunities and avenues for growth. In addition, the Advisory Board groups experts who are highly experienced in the business sectors and fields in which NIBC excels. The Advisory Board meets regularly to discuss strategy, trends and special issues for the benefit of NIBC and its clients. Click here to learn more about the Senior Board Advisors and the members of the Advisory Board and their background.

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