Business Principles

Dedication to our principles is what makes NIBC the bank of choice for decisive financial moments. For all our stakeholders - clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and community - these are the principles we choose to stand for and live by.

1. We Think Clients
We build strong, intimate and long-term relationships with our clients. We offer them appropriate banking solutions because we understand the clients sector and expectations.

2. We Deliver Quality
We deliver quality. We work in an efficient and disciplined way. We have excellent professional skills.

3. We Shape Solutions
We  provide alternatives showing a Think Yes mentality. We deliver fit-for-purpose solutions balancing client needs, risk and efficient processing.

4. We Work Together
We work together, share knowledge and empower people. We promote cooperation based on mutual trust and good intent, across departments and geographies.

5. We Focus on Results
We focus on results. We take initiative and have a mindset to accomplish things. We have clear goals that are shared. We go the extra mile.

6. We Develop People
We invest in our personal and professional development. We provide an environment in which talented and diverse people choose to work, grow and learn.

7. We Take Responsibility
We take ownership and show responsibility for our actions and results. We adhere to the requirements of our stakeholders and changing environment.