Our purpose and corporate values


We've captured the above manifest in a brief description of our purpose:

Making a difference

at decisive moments

At NIBC we make a difference by being different and doing things differently, whenever it matters the most.

Just three words sum us up. We call these our corporate values because they’re behind everything we do, the way we do it, and how we measure our success.

Corporate Values NIBC


  1. Professional: You can rely on us; we keep a cool head when the going gets tough and give you an objective and honest opinion so that you can achieve your ambitions in a sound and prudent way. Our expertise and rate of execution are a guarantee for success.
  2. Entrepreneurial: Our flair for thinking outside the box brings our clients' ambitions and plans to life in ways they might not have imagined; our rate of execution and agility make us highly adaptable, and we don't give up until we reach our goal.
  3. Inventive: Original ideas are springing up at NIBC all the time, and we encourage our employees to harness them to make our clients' ambitions a reality.
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