Vision and Principles

Our mission and vision define our ambition and help to guide our day-to-day decisions.


We believe clients want a long-term relationship of trust with their bank. In a complex world, they look for a bank that is transparent and accessible; a bank that provides them with clear and sustainable solutions.


To be the bank of choice for decisive financial moments.

Three principles best sum up NIBC and what we stand for. They are the basis of what we do, how we choose do it and the way we measure our success.

  1. Professional: Our in-depth sector knowledge, expert financial solutions and agile execution are the foundations of our success.
  2. Entrepreneurial: We are a sound, enterprising bank focused on decisive moments in our clients’ business and in life. Our clients require a bank that can respond quickly and flexibly to their needs.
  3. Inventive: We provide bespoke solutions and encourage our people to think creatively to meet clients’ financial needs.
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