Internship during Covid-19 - in the Technology Sector Team

After I completed my bachelor degree in Finance & Accounting at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, the question arose how I would like to start my career in banking. My interest incorporates banking and my curiosity about more modern technology companies thus brought me to NIBC, which I wanted to join as an intern in the Technology Sector Team to further develop my skills and what I had learned so far in an innovative bank. NIBC has a very flat hierarchy and a good networked and very smart organisational structure. NIBC is particularly active in the technology sector, one of the fastest growing markets in the world, providing advice and tailor-made solutions to fast-growing technology companies. From start-ups to established companies, NIBC accompanies all of them in their growth phase. My internship started in May and I knew from the first day that I would not regret a single day.

Remote onboarding, home office and a steep learning curve

The start of the internship at NIBC was marked by the worldwide Corona Pandemic. I was allowed to spend the very smooth onboarding and the first weeks completely at home in my own four walls, which was not a big deal as NIBC provided me with the necessary IT support. I virtually got to know NIBC, my direct team members and other colleagues from other teams and was always supported by all sides in everything. In addition to various training courses, I was quickly familiarized with the working methods and philosophy, the products and various projects in the Technology Team. Proactivity and openness are very important to support one's own learning progress and to make the best use of the time available. I gained a deep insight into the latest trends in the technology industry and was mainly involved in the analysis of fast growing and innovative companies. The Preparation of pitches for financial sponsors and participation in (virtual) customer meetings were part of my activities as well as market research and internal projects. NIBC's various product teams work hand in hand with the Technology Team, so I have had the opportunity to gain many exciting insights in these areas as well, from Structured Finance and Mezzanine and Equity Partners to M&A.

NIBC is a very special international bank that gives its employees a lot of freedom to develop and offers a strong learning curve to anyone interested. I have been able to develop my skills in all areas, whether it is working in a team, analyzing companies or gaining a general understanding of markets and market trends. If that is what you are looking for, I highly recommend an internship at NIBC, because every day was exciting, interesting and multi-faceted.

Think Yes moment

NIBC's "Think Yes" is not only a nice marketing slogan, it directly reflects NIBC's culture and stands for the positive way of working that is cultivated and promoted at the bank. At one activity during my internship, I conducted extensive market research to identify target clients who can benefit from NIBC's range of services. When I learned shortly after completing my work on it that initial meetings with potential new clients had already been arranged, I knew that my work was not only appreciated internally, but that it could have a direct impact on NIBC's business. This still makes me feel good today and makes me look back on my time with NIBC with joy and a little pride – just one of many more “Think Yes” moments during my internship.