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Recruitment Process

Recruitment process

Great that you're interested in joining us! At NIBC we work in a hybrid way which means that during the recruitment process, we will meet you at the office and/or virtual via TEAMS. It is of great importance that you get a good impression of the role, our organization and your team! We consider a physical meeting (sometime) in the process, especially for you to get a complete overview of your possible new employer, as added value. We at NIBC value transparency, that is why we want to take you through our Recruitment Process: 

Hiring process

Through our website you will have the possibility to apply for a vacancy. You will receive a confirmation after applying. If we see a possible fit with your profile for the role you have applied for, we will contact you for a follow-up. Here you will find an overview of our current vacancies.  

1st interview

After your application is reviewed, we will contact you for a short call or schedule an interview. If you are invited for an interview, this will take place at our office or online using Microsoft Teams. 

Follow-up interview

After a mutual positive meetup, we will have a follow-up interview with members of the team or relevant stakeholders. 

Online assessment

An assessment or business case could be part of the hiring process.  

Meet HR

The final interview will be with our HR department. In this interview we will introduce our way of working and provide the working benefits of NIBC. Furthermore, we will reflect upon the outcome of the online assessment, in case this was part of the process. 

Employment contract

After the interview with HR you will receive our feedback as soon as possible. We are also very curious about your impression of NIBC. If we both are enthusiastic, we can easily proceed with formalizing the employment contract. For signing your contract, we use the online tool DocuSign. 


Your onboarding will take place from the first day being with us. Your manager will inform you about your onboarding. 


If you have any further questions about our recruitment process, feel free to contact us. You will find the right contact person in the specific vacancy. 

Let’s meet soon!