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Retail Clients

For private clients, we offer savings products in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and mortgages in the Netherlands under the NIBC Direct label. With Lot Hypotheken, we offer mortgages with a focus on sustainability.

Under the label NIBC Vastgoed Hypotheek we also offer solutions for private investors in rented houses. We distinguish ourselves on the private market with transparent and simple products and services. In many cases, our product conditions are also more favorable than elsewhere in the market.

NIBC Direct

We sell our NIBC Direct and Lot Hypotheken mortgage products via independent mortgage advisors throughout the country.

With NIBC Direct, we offer many other target groups besides the standard target group the possibility to take out a mortgage. For instance, we are there for expats, seniors, specialists in training and independent entrepreneurs. In 2022, we will be named the best mortgage lender in the Netherlands!

Go to the NIBC Direct website for more information:

Lot Hypotheken

Lot Hypotheken offers mortgage solutions for the purchase, improvement and renovation of homes. The straightforward process enables us to keep interest rates competitive and processing times short. This has resulted in Lot Hypotheken being voted best mortgage lender < 3 years of the Netherlands.

Go to the website of Lot Hypotheken for more information:

Vastgoed Hypotheek

The NIBC Vastgoed Hypotheek makes it possible for small and large investors to invest in rented or to be rented properties. The NIBC Vastgoed Hypotheek is intended for clients with business purposes, such as commercial letting.

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We offer savings products in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, ranging from demand deposits to time deposits with maturities of up to ten years. In Germany, we also offer a combination of these. Our products, which regularly win awards, are known for their transparency and simplicity.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme and NIBC

NIBC Bank N.V. falls under the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme. This means that savings at NIBC Bank N.V. are guaranteed up to a maximum amount, regardless of the number of accounts. The maximum amount is €100,000 per account holder. More information about the DGS can be found on DNB's website.

And/or account
Is an account in the name of two people, an and/or account? Then each account holder qualifies separately for compensation. The cover for an and/or account applies proportionally (in equal parts). With an and/or account, each account holder is therefore entitled to half of the total balance. Does the account holder have other accounts with the same bank besides the and/or account? Then the maximum allowance of €100,000 applies to all assets together.