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Enabling MisterGreen to transform mobility towards full electric

We are in the midst of a transition where car manufacturers are switching their production from traditional fuel engine vehicles to full electric vehicles. This transformation is also seen in The Netherlands where the annual growth of full electric vehicles is expected to be over 35% between 2019 and 2025. MisterGreen was founded in 2007 and is one of the fastest growing automotive leasing companies in the Netherlands. The company distinguishes themselves from traditional leasing companies by only providing full electric vehicles and thereby supporting the transition to emission free mobility. MisterGreen's fleet size currently consist over 1,600 vehicles (majority Tesla branded) and is still growing rapidly.

The Assignment

Automotive leasing is regarded as a capital intensive industry. Taken into account that the fleet of vehicles is the most important asset base. In order to grow its fleet size towards 5,000 vehicles MisterGreen was looking for a long term partner to fund and accommodate this future growth. Next to crowdfunding initiatives through the Dutch platform for sustainable investments "Duurzaam Investeren", NIBC is the senior financing partner funding going forward.

Adding value

Sustainability and long term vision have become more relevant for financial institutions and banks in order to maintain high standards and practices in every area of their business. NIBC has in-depth knowledge of the mobility industry and experience in funding automotive businesses. With the specific fleet of full electric vehicles and the related funding need, NIBC was able to provide a tailor-made solution to MisterGreen to accommodate future growth going forward.

Delivering results

With the senior credit facilities that were provided by NIBC, MisterGreen is able to further expand their business and their fleet which is anticipated to grow strongly on the back of accessibility of full electric vehicles such as the new Tesla Model 3, Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona. NIBC participates in the senior credit facilities, together with another lender.

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