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Enabling sustainable real estate

development with Maarsen Group

With a history stretching back more than 70 years, Amsterdam-based Maarsen Group is a well established investor and developer of high quality, sustainable real estate in the Netherlands. One of its projects is PointSeven, an old office building in the prime Zuidas area south of Amsterdam that will be extensively rennovated and converted into a modern, high-quality, sustainable asset. To achieve its goals, the developer required a trusted and responsive partner with a track-record in financing sustainable renovations and transformations, and with short communication lines.

The assignment

We provided a renovation and exploitation financing with a five-year tenor, as well as hedging solutions to mitigate the Group’s risk exposure.

Adding value

Having previously worked together among others on a seperate development in the same area, Maarsen knew NIBC would provide a quick, professional and customer-focused solution.

Delivering results

Renovation work on PointSeven began in late 2016 and will run until the middle of 2017. Once complete, the space will be rented for a 10-year period.NIBC is ingenious when it comes to creating solutions. - Gerard Kohsiek, director Maarsengroep

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