NIBC Investment Partners facilitates the ambitious growth strategy of Vadeko

Vadeko manufactures, supplies, and assembles prefab timber-frames structures for the newbuild construction sector. The company offers a wide product portfolio, including roof elements, façade structures and complete hulls ("casco's") and is involved in both serial production as well as in singular production. Hereby, Vadeko is able to serve a wide range of building and contractor companies.

The Assignment

In order to continue to serve the high demand of timber prefab structures in the future, Vadeko was looking for a partner that could support the growth strategy. By teaming up with the existing management, NIP aims to contribute to Vadeko's future growth. "The prefab market is a rapidly growing area, but at the same time still fragmented. Scaling up is a must to further automate and industrialise the production process", says Mark Timmer, Managing Director of  Vadeko.

Adding Value

As a partner, NIBC Investment Partners will support the growth strategy by contributing to the expansion of the production facility, the enlargement of the management team and potential acquisitions. Hereby we aim to help Vadeko reach the size that is required to increase the level of automation of the production process.

Delivering Results

Approximately 1 million newbuild houses are required to solve The Netherlands' housing shortage in the coming 10 years. Due to the efficient production process, prefab timber-frames structures as a construction method is deemed an important contributor to solving this shortage. Furthermore, the construction method results in a significant reduction of both carbon (CO2) and nitrogen (NOx) emission, which makes it an interesting option from a sustainability perspective.

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