From contaminated site to sustainable logistics centre

DHG (David Hart Group) is an investor and developer of logistics real estate and port locations.

The start of a development, the lease of the real estate and its management and maintenance are all done by DHG itself.

Project Moerdijk, a redevelopment of the former Conline Coatings site of approximately fourteen hectares, will be transformed by DHG into 100.000 m2 of logistics real estate.

The five distribution halls will provide supermarket chain Lidl, among others, with high-quality and tailor-made warehousing. Marc Strack, DHG's financial director, and Jelle van den Akker, Head of Asset Management, speak enthusiastically about this major project, which nicely combines sustainability with revitalization.

Jelle van den Akker: "DHG always opts for concrete sustainable solutions which benefit both us and our tenants. We always choose redevelopment sites over development on greenfield sites. Project Moerdijk was an old factory which made coatings for pipes. It was outdated real estate, badly laid out and polluted. After this development, there is once again a beautiful, new, fresh business complex, which does well in this environment. The entire roof is covered with solar panels in collaboration with our partner Sunrock. On this 100.000 m2 there will be about 10 megawatts of output, which is good for 3.000 to 4.000 households. That's just this project in Moerdijk. In addition, we always choose other solutions that benefit our tenants. For example, the entire building is fitted with LED lighting, movement sensors and underfloor heating in the offices. In this way we create a pleasant and sustainable environment for our clients".


Marc Strack explains that the Moerdijk project is one of the projects financed by NIBC.

NIBC financed the purchase of the land, partly during construction, and now that the property is ready and can be leased, NIBC will also be involved in the follow-up financing with a term of at least three years.

Marc Strack: "We use bank financing for every project, investment or development, that we realise in the Netherlands. Depending on the project, you want to finance it long or short and that has to be done at a certain speed.

We have the choice of several banks in the Netherlands, but NIBC is essential when it comes to acting quickly, financing quickly and getting fiat quickly, and stands out from other banks. That makes it a very pleasant partner to work with on these kinds of projects".

Read more about NIBC and Project Moerdijk here.

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