From monumental office to living in beautiful surroundings

Around the corner from NIBC is an impressive building. This national monument is the former KLM building on Plesmanweg in The Hague. The oldest part of this building dates back to 1939!

It has now been purchased by Impact Vastgoed, which is breathing new life into the 40,000 m2 office building with a redevelopment project that includes the creation of beautiful flats, catering establishments and hotel rooms. "A challenging project," nods Bart Dura, who shows us around and tells us about the sustainability of the building.

From the reuse and refurbishment of the old office building, including the use of double glazing, insulation, underfloor heating and cooling by means of heat pumps, to the new building being constructed behind it with solar panels on the roofs.

Authentic details will also be preserved. Albert Plesman's boardroom, for example, with its original panelling and ornaments, will become the 'Plesman Suite' in the short-stay hotel to be realised.

"It is a beautiful building to redevelop," says Bart Dura. "Apart from the beautiful monumental ornaments, it has a very clean and sober layout between the different cores, which allows us to easily add flats here. An enclave between Westbroek Park, Scheveningense bosjes and the city, where people, young and old, can live, recreate, live and work and enjoy a beautiful part of The Hague".


Bart Dura: "The Plesmanduin project would obviously not be possible without good partners. In the development process, you need a lot of parties, but the financial part of the whole development is a very important aspect. Certainly developments of 40.000m2 to a transformation of soon almost 60.000m2 are not possible without financing."

"The reason we chose NIBC is because of our long cooperation, also with other projects. That's why you know what you can expect from each other. You know what each other's objectives are, you know what each other's financing conditions are and so are the expectations."

"The nice thing about NIBC is that they are more entrepreneurial compared to other traditional banks" concludes Bart Dura. "The lines are short and you are familiar with how the procedures run. In addition, the financing conditions are very important and the way in which we arranged the financing distinguishes it from a normal financing structure, so we run less risk during the project."

All in all, we are very happy with our account manager who really wants to make a difference in order to create a good solution for both parties."

Read more about NIBC and Plesmanduin here.

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