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Investment boost for Dutch company

to accelerate energy transition

Solarus wants to accelerate the energy transition through its hybrid solar PowerCollectors. Developed and produced by the Dutch company, these PowerCollectors combine the generation of thermal energy with the photovoltaic generation of electricity to produce three times more energy than traditional solar panels.

The company has installed PowerCollectors for clients including well-known hotel chains, residential buildings, and (food) processing industries, making a positive contribution to society and the environment as a result.

The assignment

Solarus required further investment to scale up its activities and NIBC was asked to enter as a minority shareholder.

Adding value

Driven by Solarus’ entrepreneurial spirit and growth plans, NIBC stepped in as a partner and provided risk-bearing capital, helping the company to take the next step in its development. This investment is a perfect example of NIBC’s increased focus on sustainability. We are convinced companies like Solarus can make a difference in solving social and energy issues.

Delivering results

This investment is in line with our focus on the Dutch manufacturing industry and our expertise in providing financial solutions for enterprising businesses in this sector. Our investment is also testimony to our support of sustainability and circular economy initiatives. 

"What we found attractive was NIBC’s goal to promote sustainability in the Netherlands, their professionalism and the fact that they bring an incredibly interesting banking network to the table." - Solarus CEO Jacko D’Agnolo.


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