NIBC enables Medux to take full advantage of market momentum

Medux is the Dutch market leading provider of primarily mobility equipment and homecare products for elderly and physically disabled people. Supported by NPM Capital, Medux continues to grow organically, further strengthening its reputation as a high-quality and reliable service/product provider through an increased focus on customer excellence, innovation and cost optimisation.

The assignment

NIBC’s assignment was to facilitate Medux’s continued organic growth plan. NIBC was asked to participate in the additional facilities to support the company’s capital expenditure necessary to meet its client’s demand.

Adding value

As an existing lender, NIBC provided an additional borrowing base facility tailored to Medux’ asset base. The borrowing base facility provides the company with the flexibility to grow, which is directly linked to the size of the company’s asset base. The expertise within the deal team, together with the experience with the original financing allowed NIBC to assess and analyse the opportunity swiftly and successfully.

Delivering results

The additional facilities enabled Medux to take full advantage of the momentum in the market, continuing their organic growth plan and further strengthening its market leading position.

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