NIBC Investment Partners accelerates growth of Rolande

To accelerate the growth of Rolande and benefit from the fast growing LNG market, NIBC Investment Partners is providing a significant follow-on investment to its portfolio company Rolande. Rolande is front runner in clean fuel for trucks by providing (Bio-) LNG through its own network of LNG refueling stations in North-western Europe.

LNG, liquified (natural) gas, is a fuel that is particularly interesting for long-haul trucks and shipping. LNG is a considerable cleaner fuel compared to diesel in terms of CO2-, nitrogen (NOx)- and particles emission. Additionally an LNG truck is much more quiet than a diesel truck, providing added benefits to the surrounding.

The Assignment
As front runner in clean fuel for long-haul trucks Rolande is paving the way to a greener future of the transportation sector. In order to play a vital role in this development, Rolande is rolling out its own network of LNG refueling stations in North-western Europe and secure its front runner position in clean fuel for heavy trucks.

Adding value
NIBC Investment Partners has extensive knowledge and experience in investing in growing businesses. By advising and thinking as an entrepreneur, the team was able to support the company again in its growth ambitions and invest in new opportunities.

Delivering results
The follow-on investment by NIBC Investment Partners allows Rolande to increase its network of refueling stations in North-western Europe, develop proprietary Bio-LNG production plants and continue to play a vital role in the energy transition.

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