Redevelopment into an attractive and sustainable shopping centre

The real estate projects NIBC finances are spread throughout the Netherlands. This is also the case in Enschede, where the 'greenest neighbourhood shopping centre' - Winkelcentrum Het Stroink - has undergone a beautiful redevelopment.

Roderik Lüschen, Founder & Partner WP Retail Invest, talks about the Stroink shopping centre that was developed at the same time as the neighbourhood in the late 1970s. Over the years the shopping centre has grown organically and has been expanded in various ways.

"When WP Retail Invest bought it in 2016 we had the goal of revitalising it. The shopping centre had a supermarket and there was a community centre. A second supermarket, the Aldi, was added and moved from the neighbourhood, that was a wish of the municipality and with that we scaled up from a neighbourhood shopping centre to a district shopping centre. This allows us to attract visitors from a little further away. In addition, the shopping centre distinguishes itself from neighbouring shopping centres by the higher level of entrepreneurs and the appearance of the beautiful architecture, including the thatched roof and a completely new entrance. We are quite proud of that."

During a guided tour, Roderik and Gert-Jan enthusiastically talk about the preservation of 'Het Stroink'. "We have made a number of major changes and have included sustainability as an objective. At the time, we engaged a party to see what we, as a developer, could do to make the shopping centre more sustainable. This resulted in a number of components with a focus on climate additives. We have taken a number of measures for, among other things, heat resistance and water nuisance. In addition to fitting the entire roof with solar panels, the roofing felt is white instead of black, which repels heat. A number of parking spaces outside have been opened up so that the water sinks into the ground and does not run directly into the sewers. We have also insulated the building".


Gert-Jan Veldkamp, Founder & Partner WP Retail Invest explains: "We are transparent, that's also kind of our motto. We do what we say and we say what we do. And we also like it when our counterpart has this policy. Normally, we sell a project on. But when we completed the project in 2021, we decided to keep it for a while, because it is a fantastic asset. However, we had to refinance it. Then we ended up at NIBC because for another project, a subsidiary of NIBC (OIMIO), is our partner.

We noticed that NIBC also had a decisive decision-making process; when they say yes, they keep working with a clear planning. And that proved to be the case in this instance as well. It was a very pleasant collaboration. In an uncertain time for Corona, it gave us security where other parties find it difficult to finance retail projects".

Roderik Lüschen adds: "What NIBC means to us is, above all, a reliable partner that knows the business, acts quickly and gives us deal security. This is particularly important in our acquisition process, as we depend on a partner and can rely on them in the process".

Read more about NIBC and Het Stroink here.

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