Sustainability on a monumental scale in Leiden

Real estate is the passion of the Oudendal Group team who consider it their mission to add value to the (re)development of - often - monumental properties. 

By investing, restoring and developing, Oudendal Groep has been making Leiden and the surrounding area a little more beautiful every day for more than 40 years, while making sure that the possibilities within the portfolio are always optimally used. The most important factors are quality, location and creativity with a focus on (national) monumental real estate.

The portfolio consists mainly of properties in and around the inner city of Leiden, and facilitates living, working and shopping.

Johan Oudendal talks enthusiastically about the Witte Poort Barracks, originally a barracks and later an office space, where 20 luxury flats are currently being realised.

On, or rather, behind the Breestraat shopping street, Leiden will have a new courtyard, called Hof van Zurloh. The courtyard will be located between the Breestraat, Mosterdsteeg and Botermarkt. The new courtyard, with the monumental Maison Zurloh building as its eye-catcher, consists of 20 buildings and will house a branch of Albert Heijn supermarkets, 25 homes and a public underground bicycle shed, among other things.

According to Johan Oudendal, talking about monuments automatically means talking about sustainability. Some monuments have existed for 400 years and over the years have had many - sometimes twenty! - destinations over the years. Because of the high quality and after refurbishment and restoration these monuments can still be used for many purposes in the future, after all these years they are still in perfect condition.

The Oudendal Group restores property with respect for the past. This is done with an eye for sustainability and future destinations, with a feeling for the city and its residents.


The relationship between Oudendal Group and NIBC has existed for three years now and is experienced as very positive by both parties.

Johan Oudendal: "We find that NIBC thinks along with us and that they think like an entrepreneur. "NIBC thinks in terms of opportunities. And because NIBC, just like us, thinks like an entrepreneur... then you understand each other." 

Read more about NIBC and Oudendal Group here.

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