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Asset Management Mortgages

The low interest environment drives investors to search for a stable interest income through long-term investments in Dutch residential mortgages. Simultaneously, Dutch retail clients increasingly prefer to fix their mortgage interest rates for a longer period of time, up to 30 years. These longer maturities are typically the sweet spot for investors. Via what we call our Orginate-to-Manage Platform, NIBC offers institutional investors the opportunity to invest in Dutch residential mortgages without having to deal with the operational hassle associated with the servicing of mortgages. 

Invest in the Dutch mortgage market

NIBC Bank N.V. was established in 1945 to help rebuild the Netherlands and is strongly rooted in its obligations towards society and the environment. Hence, ESG is embedded in our strategy and the way we do our mortgage business. Our mortgage offering enables borrowers/clients to improve the sustainability of their houses while we report to our investors on e.g. the energy labels. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Dutch residential mortgage market and are active with two brands: NIBC Direct and Lot Hypotheken. Part of the mortgage loans originated under both brands are for our own balance sheet and part is originated for our investors, like AXA IM.

This offers a tailored strategic approach to investors with the following combination of USP’s:

  • NIBC is highly experienced in the Dutch mortgage business
  • Maximum alignment of interest with NIBC which invests for its own book in identically originated mortgages
  • Full transparency and tailored approach via NIBC’s Originate-to-Manage Platform
  • NIBC is able to support the investor by offering balance sheet support

To learn more about investing in the Dutch mortgage market via NIBC, please download our two-pager or contact our team of dedicated asset management mortgages experts.

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