yesqar combines the strengths of two partners, NIBC Bank and car data platform QarQuest. This enables them to offer a smart solution for the financing of automotive companies. A team with experts in the field of financing and the automotive market is at your service. That is why they are suited to help you by offering various solutions:

  • Lease portfolio financing:
    yesqar offers flexible financing in which both business and private lease cars can be financed up to 90% for portfolios starting from €750,000.
  • Stock financing:
    yesqar offers financing of up to 90% of the stock of cars for portfolios of €500,000 and above. Basis for the financing is the current market value of the car stock.

A team of driven experts

Wim Visser: “At yesqar we work with a team of driven experts who know automotive and finance. We can offer unique insights into domestic and foreign sales, turnover rates and the development of the value of cars. In addition, we offer the security of constant financing and reliable access to the capital market. We like to work together with our clients in a smart, quick and transparent manner. The automotive market is changing rapidly and we are your partner in this with existing and new solutions. By offering financial scope, responding quickly and sharing data transparently.”

Want to know how smart financing solutions can work for you? Get in touch with the experts of yesqar.

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