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NIBC’s Technology sector team supports fast-growing companies and their investors, active in High-Tech, business software and ICT services. We are active in the Benelux, Germany and the United Kingdom, where we have teams on the ground.

Financing growth and innovation

Through close collaboration with our clients, we aim to become their long-term partner of choice, consistently providing high-quality advisory, financing and investing solutions for decisive moments in their growth. Our team is exclusively focused on the technology sector and as such is comfortable with emerging dynamics in the sector. Example themes for our clients are typically SaaS, smart industry, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Specific High-Tech themes are semiconductors, robotics and industrial automation, machine vision and 3D printing.

Products and services technology

We offer an attractive way to finance and accelerate growth for our clients. We look for technology companies that are growing strongly, have a proven track record and generate revenues that are recurring (by nature). Acknowledging the unique requirements and characteristics of these businesses, we have developed specific products for technology companies. We work from our long-standing structuring expertise, combining this with the knowledge and network we have developed in the technology sector, which we are always eager to improve.

SaaS Financing

Our offering among others features SaaS Financing: a distinct solution for B2B software companies with business models driven by recurring payments or subscriptions where funding is provided based on the expected customer lifetime value of your customers. SaaS Financing is a long-term financing solution that is available to growing companies, both already profitable and not yet profitable, and therefore is a unique alternative to venture debt, revenue-based financing and other types of growth capital. Interested to learn more? We are always happy to discuss the possibilities for your SaaS company.

Digital Health

A specific segment of the enterprise software market, Digital Health, contributes to a more sustainable healthcare worldwide. Within Digital Health, innovative solutions are developed to protect people’s health and well-being, drive down costs and ensure more seamless cooperation. The landscape is rapidly changing through disruption of healthcare systems, driven by trends in technology such as data analytics, cloud and healthcare on demand. Our Technology sector team developed profound knowledge in this dynamic and complex market, especially in the area of healthcare software, and acts as advisor, investor and financier. We offer the right tools, advice and financial solutions for industry players such as:

  • Entrepreneurs in the IT/Software industry, including start-ups, scale-ups and market leaders
  • Stakeholders in the health domain, such as entrepreneurs and caregivers
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital

We translate difficult and complex legislation, government programmes, new technologies and market trends into solutions for you as an entrepreneur or investor. We are keen and capable to help you progress the digitalisation of the healthcare system and work together for a healthier society. Get in touch with us to get more information about our services in Digital Health.

Solutions overview

NIBC creates flexible, risk-bearing instruments to support successful companies, creating tailored solutions around management buyouts, investments, acquisitions and other activities that fuel business growth.


Are you looking for a financial partner that understands your challenges and has an entrepreneurial mindset? Would you like to know more about our offering and expertise and how we can enable the growth of your company? Please contact: 


Business software and ICT services (incl. SaaS financing product):

Laurens van der Gun: +31 70 3425 045

High-Tech: Jules Bernaerts, +31 6 2040 4908


Business software and ICT services (incl. Saas financing product),

High-Tech: Vitali Abranin, +49 173 66 42 674


Business software and ICT services (inc Saas financing product), Hi Tech:

Annemiek Hofland (Sector head Technology): +44 20 7375 7887

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