Corporate Responsibility

Saying yes to the world around us

At NIBC, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society for future generations. We are convinced that companies that take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously are the companies of the future. That approach applies to the way we do business and the clients we wish to work with.

Responsible services, sustainable clients

Responsibility is key to how we operate as a company. We work with integrity, comply with legislation, and treat people, environment and society with care. We strive to ensure our services are responsible and sustainable, and to make sure that the companies we finance operate in a sustainable manner.

Trust, professionalism, integrity 

We work hard to balance the diverse interests of our stakeholders. NIBC's Code of Conduct sets the framework for this. The Code is built around our three core values: trust, professionalism and integrity. Both our Code of Conduct and the way we operate on a daily basis are governed by national and international standards such as the Dutch Banking Code and the Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Banking on the Future

We strive to be a trustworthy, transparent and sustainable bank. This means putting our clients’ interests first. We act with integrity to inspire their trust. We adhere...

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Sustainable Business

Our role as a bank is to provide our clients with financial support and advice. We take this responsibility seriously. That is why we build long-lasting relationships...

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Our Stakeholders

We have a responsibility to manage our impacts on stakeholders and consider their interests in decision-making. We define stakeholders as groups or individuals who are...

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