Following the step we first took in 2012, NIBC's 2015 non-financial key figures published in our 2015 Annual Report were audited with reasonable assurance. We added definitions of non-financial figures to the report and, where appropriate, how the figures are calculated. NIBC is applying the newest guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) to at a Core Level.

NIBC NGO Boulevard launched

NIBC has started to use its own office space and facilities to support good causes in an initiative we call the NIBC NGO Boulevard. Three civil society organizations are operating from office space in NIBC’s headquarters in the Hague.  The objective of NIBC Boulevard is to bolster their efforts by providing modern office space and facilities and reducing their housing costs, to inspire our employees, and to create more impact through civil society / public / private partnerships.

Sustainable shipping

NIBC is one of three dutch banks which are founding members of the Responsible Ship Recycling Standards. The banks and their clients in the maritime sector are working together to improve practices and address environmental and human rights concerns. The initiative aims to promote the use of inventories of hazardous materials (green passports) and ensure responsible ship recycling at end of life. This is oan example of how NIBC and its clients are embracing the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), working to address key concerns, and creating meaningful environmental and social impact in our value chain.

Environmental footprint reduction targets realized

NIBC continues its efforts to reduce its direct environmental footprint. Overall, we continue to be Carbon Neutral in terms of our direct footprint.  In 2015, we achieved our goals of reducing our use of paper and gas, not only reducing our direct environmental footprint but also saving financial costs. This follows efforts from prior years such as in 2013, we realised the environmental objective that we had set: reduce energy by 25% compared to 2009. Major renovations at our office in The Hague over the past few years have included an open office environment, a new thermal storage system to heat and cool the building, presence detector lights and solar panels, and improved isolation.

Sustainability policy updates

NIBC continues to regularly update its sustainability policies and improve its business practices following our transparent, “direct duidelijk” approach.  Sustainability is an integral part of our overall business strategy to create financial and non-financial value for our stakeholders. Therefore we continue to update our policies based on stakeholder feedback and ensure our policies are clear and understandable.

Giving Back

NIBC employees volunteer their time and expertise and give financial support to local community projects. Bankers joined “Week van het Geld”, leading lessons and discussions about money with several hundred primary and secondary school students in the Netherlands  Employees in the UK showed their support for Solace Women’s Aid, an innovative, grass roots charity which provided vital services in London in the fields of crime reduction, health and social care, with a primary focus on supporting women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence. In Frankfurt, employees supported ‘Mädchenbüro’ an intercultural institution for teenage girls and ‘Johanniter’, a non-profit association that provides support services to the homeless. Laptop auctions within NIBC during Q4 2015, raised 2000 euros to support charities directly chosen by employees.