Annual Report - next steps in increasing transparency

NIBC applied the newest guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) to at a Core Level. Following the step we first took in 2012, NIBC's 2015 non-financial key figures published in our 2015 Annual Report were audited with reasonable assurance.

NIBC implements Equator Principles III

NIBC has applied Equator Principles as risk management framework since 2010. On 4 June 2013 an update of Equator Principles was launched (‘Equator Principles III’). During the grace period NIBC has updated internal tools and processes, and trained the relevant teams to ensure we were ready to apply EP III as from 1 January 2014.

Update of sustainability policy framework

Environmental & social issues are part of the overall risk analysis that we perform for all our corporate clients. Our sustainability policies describe the environmental & social issues in the different sectors and the standards that we expect our clients to meet. We recently updated these policies to reflect the continuous sustainability developments in the sectors in which we are active.

Our carbon footprint reduction target realised

In 2013, we realised the environmental target that we had set: reduce energy with 25% compared to 2009. This was realised following a major renovation at our office in The Hague including a new thermal storage system to heat and cool the building, presence detector lights and solar panels, and improved isolation.

Preventing debt

At NIBC, we believe good money management should start early. That is why we initiated a high school project in The Hague, teaching youngsters how to handle their finances. In 2013, NIBC volunteers have – for the 4th year in a row – visited 5 high schools for guest lessons during a project week about money management and debt prevention.

Giving Back

Every year NIBC volunteers organise a financial workshop for high school students at our The Hague office. The workshop is a cooperation between NIBC and Stichting Giving Back, an organisation that coaches high school students who have excellent skills but whose career perspectives do not match their talents and ambitions because of their home situation or background.