Sustainable Business

Our role as a bank is to provide our clients with financial support and advice. We take this responsibility seriously. That is why we build long-lasting relationships with clients and ensure our products and services are transparent, trustworthy and sustainable.  

We are guided in the way we do business and interact with our clients by our Code of ConductBusiness Principles, Compliance Framework and Sustainability Framework (see downloads on the left).

We Think Clients

One of the business principles underpinning the way NIBC works is ‘we think clients’. It sums up our long-term dedication to our clients and to helping them meet their business ambitions. We offer appropriate banking solutions because we know their business and understand their sector. Putting the interests of clients first (in Dutch: klantbelang centraal) fits seamlessly into ‘we think clients’.

Our organisation reflects our customers. We have organised our company structure into two business areas, ensuring that our corporate and consumer clients get the best service. We communicate honestly about our products and services.

We ensure sustainable value creation for our clients by finding a balance in the interests of the client, society and other stakeholders. Please click here for more details.

Integrity First

Our Code of Conduct and business principles guide us in the way we behave as individuals and as a bank. That’s why we choose to do business with clients whose standards and principles are in line with our own. We carry out checks on fraud and integrity as part of our client acceptance process.We always check new clients to verify that  they’re not involved in illegal, criminal or unethical activities.

The Dutch Banking Code lays out the principles for good conduct and contributes to restoring trust in the financial sector.

Sustainability Framework

NIBC believes companies that take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously are the companies of the future. We apply this conviction to how and with whom we do business. The sustainability standards we expect our clients to meet are laid out in our Sustainability Framework.