Debt Investors

NIBC considers its debt investors as significant stakeholders. We are committed to further improving our relationship with the debt investor community by providing easily accessible information on our company.

The debt investor website provides information on:

NIBC's funding policy is aimed at achieving an adequate diversification of funding sources spread across products, markets and currencies. Funding sources are, among others, the issuance of debt securities through both private placements and public offerings, covered bonds, mortgage backed securities, corporate deposits and retail funding.

Funding Programmes
NIBC's funding programmes provide the bank with the flexibility to issue securities of all sizes and currencies through a variety of plain vanilla and structured debt products, such as equity and interest linked notes. Funding is raised across the world in all major currencies and in all maturities.
NIBC has several funding programmes:

  • Under the Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme, we issue securities, subject to a maximum aggregate outstanding principal amount of EUR 20 billion
  • Through the Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) programme, the bank issues short-term commercial paper, subject to a maximum aggregate outstanding principal amount of EUR 3 billion
  • Through the Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond (CPTCB) programme we issue covered bonds with prime Dutch residential mortgages as collateral, subject to a maximum aggregate amount of EUR 5 billion

NIBC's programmes allow for both private and public issues and are flexible in size and maturity of issues.

Mortgage Backed Securities
The mortgage backed securities market is another source of funding for the bank. NIBC has been active in the Dutch mortgage backed securities market since 1996.

Corporate Deposits
NIBC raises corporate deposits from clients and other third parties. We offer call and term deposits at attractive levels and are flexible in terms of size and maturity.

Retail Funding
NIBC Direct offers a complete range of online retail savings products. For more information please visit