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Net Promoter Score

Corporate clients value NIBC’s relationship bankers, speed and knowledge

At NIBC Corporate Banking we take client feedback seriously and use it to improve our service. It’s one of the reasons we are proud to share the results of our Net Promoter Score for 2018, which is one of the best yet at +63%. This is a key indicator of client satisfaction.

In particular, clients indicated that they value their relationship with our bankers, the speed at which we make decisions and execute transactions, and our sector and client knowledge. We experience NIBC as a true partner, which is rare these days, especially among Germany’s big banks,” one client commented in their NPS survey. “We particularly value NIBC’s good sector knowledge and solutions-oriented approach, another said.We’ve seen our NPS rating rise in recent years, resulting from improvements we’ve made to our processes and the quality of our account management based on clients’ feedback. 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a way of measuring customer satisfaction, based on whether clients would recommend a company to others. We asked clients to compare NIBC to their other banks and to the market. Scores range between -100% and +100%. The closer the average score is to +100%, the higher their satisfaction. Our aim is to maintain a positive NPS above +20% for Corporate Banking and remain in the top quartile for the financial sector.

Stakeholder engagement

NPS is just one measure of client satisfaction. We also ask new and existing clients to evaluate transactions, as well as conducting post-transaction interviews and constantly gathering customer feedback to improve our service. We also have regular contact with a wide range of stakeholders including employees, shareholders, investors, regulators, rating agencies, governments, peers, NGOs and suppliers.

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