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Retail Clients

We offer consumers who actively manage their financial ambitions, savings products in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, mortgages in the Netherlands, and brokerage services in Germany under our NIBC Direct label. Our position in the retail market is distinct because of the highly transparent and straightforward products and services we offer. The conditions on our products are also often more favourable than those available elsewhere.

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Our mortgage products are sold through high street mortgage providers countrywide. In addition to our conventional product offering, we have diversified our focus to reach traditionally underserviced segments of the market. This includes a buy-to-let proposition as well as products for self-employed individuals.

We are ‘first movers’ in the market, rewarding borrowers for making repayments by reducing their interest rate automatically once certain loan-to-value thresholds are reached.


Our fair-priced range of award-winning savings products in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium range from on-demand, long-term deposits of up to 10 years to a combination of both in Germany. These popular products are known for their straightforward client-centric features and absence of complicated terms and conditions.

Our offering is largely outsourced and fully automated, which enables us to deliver products and services in an efficient and cost-effective way. They are also customer-centric and, for example, in the event of a downward adjustment of term deposit rates, customers are still given the option to open a term deposit at the old, higher rate.