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Euro Medium Term Notes


Programme for the Issuance of Medium Term Notes    
Programme size EUR 20 billion  
Latest update 24 June 2020  
Arranger Morgan Stanley  
Dealers ABN Amro Bank N.V.
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg
Morgan Stanley
NatWest Markets
BofA Securities
Goldman Sachs International
J.P. Morgan
NIBC Bank N.V.
Societe Generale Corporate Investment Banking
UBS Investment Bank

EMTN Prospectus 2020

EMTN First Supplement 15 July 2020

EMTN Second Supplement 26 August 2020

EMTN Third Supplement 21 September 2020

EMTN Fourth Supplement 16 October 2020

EMTN Fifth Supplement 20 January 2021








Documents incorporated by reference Click here for webpage with hyperlinks to documents incorporated by reference  
Archive documentation Click here for webpage of the Archive documentation  
Public Transactions XS1554112281 EUR 500m due 31 Jan 2022 Download
  XS1809240515 EUR 500m due 19 Apr 2023 Download
  XS1909177625 GBP 250m due 15 Nov 2023 Download
  XS1978668298 EUR 300m due 9 Apr 2024 (SNP) Download


XS2023631489 EUR 500m due 8 Jul 2025 (SP) Download


XS2183908545 EUR 200m due 9 Apr 2024 (SNP) Download
Private Placements Click here for all Final Terms for private placements  


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