Private Placements

2021 Private Placements  
XS2292545535 EUR 15m due 27 Jan 2023 Download
XS2292545618 EUR 15M due 27 Jan 2031 Download
XS2293736760 EUR 8m due 29 Jan 2027 Download
XS2298094231 EUR 5m due 15 Feb 2024 Download
XS2323314026 EUR 10m due 24 March 2026 Download
XS2353408367 EUR 5m due 15 June 2026 Download
XS2364196571 EUR 10m due 14 July 2031 Download
XS2366561103 EUR 10m due 19 July 2029 Download


2020 Private Placements  
XS2238489319 EUR 15m due 28 Sep 2026 Download
XS2242757735 EUR 50m due 27 Mar 2024 Download


2019 Private Placements  
XS2063271030 EUR 10m due 8 Oct 2024 Download
XS2063232487 EUR 15m due 7 Oct 2025 Download
XS2055190768 EUR 20m due 23 Sep 2021 Download


2018 Private Placements  
XS1878243895 EUR 20m due 14 Sep 2021 Download
XS1778893427 EUR 10m due 22 Feb 2028 Download
XS1763292387 EUR 50m due 1 Feb 2023 Download
XS1823375875 EUR 10m due 22 Dec 2027 Download
XS1891426766 EUR 3m due 10 Oct 2033 Download
XS1904305296 SEK 200m due 8 Nov 2021 Download


2017 Private Placements  
XS1716334781 CZK 930m due 10 Nov 2023 Download


2016 Private Placements  
XS1481206768 RON 16m due 26 Aug 2019 Download
XS1400731565 RON 30m due 28 April 2023 Download
XS1373294682 EUR 20m due 1 March 2031 Download
XS1348933380 CZK 350m due 20 Jan 2021 Download


2015 Private Placements  
XS1307870532 EUR 20m due 28 Oct 2025 Download
XS1183596151 EUR 50m due 24 March 2025 Download



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