Update on offer preparations

Press Release -

Today, 17 March 2020, NIBC updates the market on the preparations of the offer by Flora Acquisition B.V. (‘the Offeror’) as announced on 25 February 2020.

Since the announcement, NIBC has:

  • started the works council advice proceedings;
  • assisted the Offeror in the preparation of the regulatory approval process with DNB, and together with the Offeror formally engaged in discussions with DNB;
  • made progress on the preparation of the asset sale and liquidation agreement and/or other types of post-settlement restructuring measures as referred to in the announcement of 25 February 2020; and
  • started the preparations for the position statement of the NIBC Managing and Supervisory Boards in relation to the offer.

All in addition to other ongoing actions and preparations.

In response to questions from investors and recent reports in Dutch media, NIBC wishes to clarify that in the event that the merger protocol executed on 25 February 2020 with the Offeror is terminated, or termination is sought by either party, such event would qualify as "inside information" as defined in the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), necessitating the issuance of a press release without delay.

In the absence of any such interim release, the next update on the offer preparations is scheduled for 24 March 2020.