Startup BEEQUIP finances used equipment for SME’s

Press Release -

Newly founded equipment leasing company BEEQUIP focuses on the financing of handling equipment for small and medium enterprises in the sectors infra, earthmoving, construction and logistics. The startup differentiates itself by offering speed and flexibility and a focus on the value of equipment. BEEQUIP looks further than company figures and cash flows. The founders are Joris Linders, Peter Loef and Giel Claes in cooperation with NIBC. The financial services provider from The Hague has committed herself strategically.

The Dutch market for financing company assets is concentrated. The Dutch Association of Leasing Companies indicates that EUR 5.2 billion of equipment was financed by this limited number of parties in 2015. That represents 12% of all investments in equipment in 2015. So, there is room for a new entrepreneurial player in the market.

Joris Linders, co-founder of BEEQUIP: “Our team has a clear motivation for the startup: to provide the small and medium enterprises, as the driving force behind the Dutch economy, with the funding for equipment to fuel growth again. Our team has a wealth of experience in both the financial and the equipment world. This experience, in combination with our entrepreneurial spirit, speed and clarity, will be applied to let Dutch SME’s grow again. An entrepreneur wants to know the same week if he or she can purchase his equipment, even if his figures are not accepted by the traditional market parties.”

BEEQUIP can offer that speed by its focus on the value of equipment based on a strong network in the equipment world. This means that company figures are of lesser importance. This focus has already allowed BEEQUIP to execute equipment leasing transactions on the basis of used equipment. Many Dutch family businesses own equipment that has a higher market value than its book value. This is to thank the high quality of equipment brands and thorough maintenance. BEEQUIP converts this potential into liquid assets which support organic or even non-organic growth. Investments in IT and the team are further adding to
necessary speed and flexibility. The BEEQUIP team already consists of 14 employees in the Rotterdam office overlooking the river Maas.

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