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Saying yes to the world around us

Established in 1945 to help rebuild the Netherlands after the Second World War, NIBC is strongly rooted in its obligations towards society. These days our purpose is much the same; to support our clients in achieving their ambitions, and enable the building of a better society for future generations.

Sustainability goes beyond the responsibilities we have towards the next generation. By taking a sustainable approach in the way we do business, NIBC is helping our clients to face today’s sustainability challenges, to innovate and grow, and to tap the most promising opportunities in their markets.

Environment & climate change

Climate change, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity are signs of unprecedented pressure on the environment and the planet’s ecological limits. NIBC is committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment in our business activities and helping clients in their transition towards more responsible practices.

NIBC is “carbon neutral” in its own operations, an accomplishment which relatively few banks have managed to achieve. Since 2010, we have measured our carbon emissions, realised substantial reductions and purchased certified gold standard carbon offsets for any remaining emissions. In addition, 100% of electricity used in NIBC’s facilities is purchased from clean, renewable sources.

We support our clients in their mitigation and adaption strategies for climate change risks. NIBC screens our corporate financings and investments to reduce negative impacts on the environment and biodiversity. Many of NIBC’s financings and investments support the transition to affordable and clean energy, needed infrastructure, responsible production and operations, and sustainable communities.

Human rights & diversity

Respecting people and their human rights is a fundamental part of responsible business practices. NIBC supports the UN Guiding Principles and is committed to respecting human rights both in its own operations and in its financings and investments. We screen our financings and investments to avoid negative impacts on people as part of our client due diligence.

Many of NIBC’s financings also deliver societal benefits like supporting management buyouts which save employee jobs, financing crew transport vessels which increase the safety of offshore workers, supporting housing projects for students, and financing needed social infrastructure like healthcare facilities and schools.

We believe diversity is critical to our ability to succeed and achieve sustainable success. NIBC is committed to creating a stimulating work environment for people from all backgrounds and an environment that is open to different ways of thinking. We continue to take steps to increase diversity throughout the company in our recruitment processes, in our Talent Program and in our performance management.

Corporate social responsibility

Over the years, NIBC and its employees have provided generous supported to charities both in time and in money. The NIBC NGO Boulevard has been established at NIBC’s headquarters in The Hague, providing professional office space and facilities to six NGOs. Our employees are also active in their communities, supporting a diverse range of good causes and initiatives. This includes mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs as they innovate and build the businesses of tomorrow.

As much as these activities benefit local entrepreneurs and charities, we are also inspired by the people that we meet and the initiatives which they pursue. This continuously nourishes NIBC’s Think Yes culture and inspires solutions which benefit our clients, society and the environment.

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